Presentation in Frankfurt in September 23, 1998 together with Lothar Hirneise and Frank Wiewel (People against Cancer the USA)

Distinguished participants, I thank you for coming. The director of People Against Cancer, Mr. Frank Wiewel has just announced the program for this evening. You will hear something of the truth about cancer. I obligate myself to stick to this program.
The well-known physicist, the quantum physicist, Max Planck, he is considered to be a theoretician among physicists, formulated the sentence: “When someone thinks he has discovered something new, but he cannot as a scientist so express it that everybody understands, then he hasn’t discovered anything new at all.” I maintain that I have discovered something new in the field of cancer therapy, which is of great consequence. The quantum physics, electrons interacting with solar energy in natural events is the crucial in this regard. I want to make things so clear to you that everyone here in this room who wants to listen for a half hour will also understand these things and after a half hour will no longer say, they are not believable.
A physician told me, “I understand only one thing about rainbows, they always dissappear when I want to touch them. This is correct. But there is an incorrect concept here. Even the physician can’t get a hold of the rainbow and nature. Everybody, the doctor, the sick person who wants to be healthy, we are all part of nature. We must respect this fact. And it is the greatest physicists and quatum biologists who have reached the conclusion that we are created by God in his image, as Michelangelo so beutifully depicted in the creation of Adam.
Naturally there is no a miracle cure for cancer, however we will all recognize that people are involved. As long as a person lives, he must breathe, this you will agree with. And at this point the great scientist, Otto Warburg, in thorough work, determined that all tissue in the living organism, wherever a tumor can be formed, is characterized by the fact that it can no longer absorb oxygen. And at this point I had the good fortune, the blessing of working at the Federal Health Office responsible for the approval of medications, 1950 / 1951, to come to the awareness that the photo elements of life, the photons of the sun interacting with the electrons built up in the essential vital seed oils, are necessary for the absorption of oxygen. This is irrefutable.
The scientists who in 1951 sought for the deciding factor, the factor that would be capable of making the respiratory enzymes capable of functioning again, all knew that there was a substance, yellow-green and it is called cytochrome. This substance, which dominates in the blood of cancer patients, must be returned to the red blood red blood pigment.
Doctors say today that the blood forming pigments do not function correctly in patients with tumors who also have leukemia. This is correct. In this regard I would like to cite an experiment of decisive significance. Professor Kaufmann in Münster, director of the Pharmaceutical Institute, the Federal Institute for Fat Research and at the State Chemical Investigation Office where I worked, before we published the work, Untersuchung der Blutlipoide: Geschwulstproblem und Fettforschung (Investigation of Blood Lipoids: the tumor problem and fat research) organized an experiment. He ordered cytochrome, poured it on paper and said to me now show that it becomes red. I touched it and – it turned red. He looked at my hand: “Do you have red paint on your hands?” I said: “No professor you can do the same thing with your hands as well.” He touched the paper and it turned red. Then I said: “I know that you have also started pouring flax oil in your yoghurt”. This was the proof of the validity of my work: Ulcer problem and fat research. The lack of oxygen in tumor-bearing tissue was resolved.
The well-known physicist Professor Werner Heisenberg, described in his book how particularly in Germany, the ossified rigid thought processes of the adherents of the old school are always refuse to fully embrace new things. They always want to force the new into their old thought processes. That does not work! I still experience this today after 40 years. And Professor Heisenberg writes: “Even the suppression of new knowledge cannot prevent the breakthrough, because the people, the public, even if they are not experts in quantum physics or medicine, they have a feel for where truth rules.
I am convinced that most listeners will comprehend, in all the diversity which must still be taken into consideration, that there is an elementary factor for the recovery of people who are ill. The sick person must be able to absorb oxygen again. He must be able to breathe again. Naturally many factors are important here. However if we take a good look, then the protein in the cell nucleas is positively charged. The electrons in the peripheral of the cell – they oscillate in a cloud of electrons – represent the negative charge. And in the middle energy oscillates uninterrupted in the electromagnetic field, which the electrons store from the photons of the sun in constant renewal, and always introduce anew into the life process.
Now at the age of 90, I have the impression, that direction is establishing itself, very slowly but with great certainty. The growth promotion provided by electrons built up by the sun and stored in seed oils is important in overcoming the blockages in the tumor, which the obsolete scientists incorrectly fight with growth-inhibiting medications. The growth-inhibiting medications we currently use as chemotherapies are wrong. The energy produced by X-ray devices is also wrong, because it has a growth-inhibiting effect. Thus, if we want to use this elementary knowledge, we must take other factors into consideration, factors concerning proper respiration and restoration of the electromagnetic field in the metabolism of human beings, factors such as what the environment is like, what the opportunity for sleep is like, the issue of whether with plastics much too much vital energy is being withdrawn.

This is self-evident. Good juice, good food. However everything that starts with “anti-biological” is very suspicious. I read in the newspaper today that now there is to be a sudden entry in the area of nutrition for functional diet. I am convinced that the industry certainly knows, that it has been proven for a long time that the highly unsaturated vital fats in seed oils cannot be synthetically manufactured, nor can vitamin C, that is supposed to be function, be synthetically manufactured, nor can vitamin E that is supposed to be functional be synthetically manufactured. This is why rethinking on the part of the large corporations is required, and they have been aware of this for a long time.

In 1968 when information was published in America indicating that you cannot treat cancer patients with lasers because the burn damage is too great, that patients die within a few days, I thought about this statement and recalled that we certainly have absorbtion measurements in oils as an analysis method in the Federal Institute for Fat Research. I put oils together according to mathematic calculations of wave lengths and was given a laser device by Mr. von Siemens, a ruby laser. And Mr. Peter Siemens said to me: “How did you come to use this laser? This is the only one that reflects the light of the moon.” I used this laser device in conjunction with the oils, for which I had calculated the absorbtion bands in the same wave range. And these oils have very successful for many many cancer patients since 1968. We also have a person in this room who used my therapy for his wife. I will not mention names but he lives here in Frankfurt. His wife was deathly ill and had even recieved an artificial vertrbrae; the wound did not heal so well, and now she is on the best possible path. I assure you, that to this day I still have patients, a lot of them from America. Patients who have tumors in both breasts. I have the oils used externally as oil packs. I explain the diet as extensively as possible, everything that allopathy or natural medicin has worked out, whether cold water, thermal baths, or warm water, whether anthroposophy, pyschology is considered, horse hair mattresses are also very important.

Everything can be continue to used as well. But none of this will help at all if the person can no longer breathe. And the patients who come to me are numerous. Every week I receive hundreds of letters, I cannot answer all of them. I give my best, want to give my best, and I consider the engagement for this innovation, as a small part in of medicine in the turnaround of medicine as an obligation, which I accept before God and all people with total commitment and in all ernest. That is my contribution for this evening.