The Oil-Protein Diet
2003 – today


After the death of Dr Budwig in 2003, a dynamic developed, which was very negative. Since her death, around the world numerous experts came forward, writing books about the Oil-Protein Diet, publishing new recipes and inventing supposedly improved food variants of the Oil-Protein Diet. There are even some who dare to lecture and hold seminars about the Oil-Protein Diet. They hold views which are a far way off from what Dr Budwig had written or said.
Maybe you might think that it’s a little strange that I write right at the beginning of things that at first glance have nothing to do with the actual “Oil-Protein Diet.” However, you will understand the importance of it all if you read a few things about the Oil-Protein Diet on the Internet and realize that this significantly differs from what Dr Budwig or I represent. To help you understand this and to assess this properly, I just wrote down what happened since the death of Dr Budwig.
At Dr Budwig’s funeral, I met the legal heirs; nephews Arno and Armin Grunewald personally for the first time. Several months after the death of Dr Budwig, both contacted me. With 80% and 20% respectively they are her legal heirs. They told me that, in recent years, I was the only one who had worked intensively with the Oil-Protein Diet and concurrently was the only one representing this diet in Germany as well as around the world publicly. And since I also was the only man whom her aunt ever accepted as a student and with whom she ever wanted to write a book (Cancer – the Problem and the Solution), I would be the right man to establish the Johanna-Budwig Foundation jointly. Initially, I thought that to be a great idea. Subsequently, the Grunewald brothers, my wife, and I had several meetings to discuss the structure of the foundation. However, it was quickly discovered that our goals were entirely different. My aim was to pass on the oncological legacy of the Oil-Protein Diet exactly as I learned it from Dr Budwig for the benefit of cancer patients many years ago. But mainly Armin Grunewald held the opinion that the Oil-Protein Diet was no nutritional therapy for cancer patients.
He told me personally; he wanted to “get away from cancer patients” establish the Oil-Protein Diet as a “diet for everyone.” My goals were, and still are, completely different. Therefore, we finished our work together before it even began. For several months, I did not hear anything from them until I received a letter from their lawyer. This would prohibit me from publishing the books the Oil-Protein Diet and “Cancer – the Problem and the Solution” in the future. Plus, some other “niceties”. Needless to say, I had publishing agreements with Dr Budwig and furthermore; nobody can prohibit me from holding seminars on the “Oil-Protein Diet.”
Nonetheless it came to a legal dispute stretching over several years. However, in the end, the court decided in my favour on the grounds that I wrote the book jointly with Dr Budwig and also owned a joint copyright on the book “Cancer – the Problem and the Solution”. Therefore, all rights on this book are only available to me and not the legal heirs. The complete contents of the book the “Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook” belong jointly to the legal heirs and me.
Especially this second point, I debated intensely, because the Oil-Protein Diet was much more important to me than the rights to the book “Cancer – Problem and Solution”. The book the Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook includes all the basic recipes for this diet. If it got in the hands of the legal heirs, the content might have been distorted in a way that the Oil-Protein Diet was no longer available in its original format in the future. It was more important to me to remain in possession of the rights to the Oil-Protein Diet, even if it means I have to share this with the legal heirs.
Meanwhile, Armin Grunewald founded the Johanna Budwig-Foundation with his son as the official CEO. Armin Grunewald remained “in charge of science”. For years now the website of the Foundation is almost always the same. I have not yet figured out how this Foundation preserves the legacy of Dr Budwig and develops the same, as it is written in the statutes. Instead, it is reported via TKTL1 and thereby also in detours via Dr. Coy and his TAVARLIN therapy. Dr Budwig would inevitably wallow in her grave if she knew that a foundation bearing her name advertises cocoa biscuits, nut cake, and strawberry jam.
On the subject of cancer, you can read there: “… that the Oil-Protein Diet under certain circumstances can benefit a medical cancer therapy. Nevertheless, it applies: It cannot be replaced with medical treatment.”
Truthfully, from a foundation bearing the name of Dr Johanna Budwig, almost everybody would expect something different – and, in particular, Dr Budwig. According to the Foundation, therefore, the Oil-Protein Diet is no medical cancer treatment, but, under certain circumstances, can support a medical cancer therapy. Unfortunately, this does not say, what the Foundation understands under the term “medical cancer therapies”. Evidently, the Oil-Protein Diet, according to the Dr Budwig- Foundation does not belong to this medical cancer treatment.
In 2008, Armin Grunewald published a (cooking) book titled: “The Oil-Protein Diet according to Dr Johanna Budwig.” Mainly the book is filled with recipes from the book: “Oil-Protein Diet” of Dr Budwig. However, he just partly presents his own recipes and also gives his personal opinion on the Oil-Protein Diet. Literally, he writes in his book:

„ … any healing effect of Oil-Protein Diet
on cancer has not been established –
This is why at this particular issue
I cannot agree to 100 percent. “

Wow, is all I can write. To my knowledge, almost all patients of Dr Budwig were cancer patients. Although I was able to view a few patient files of depression, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, I would say that roughly, at least 98% of all of Dr Budwig’s patients came to her with a cancer diagnosis. This was what she was known for. In addition, Dr Budwig has written extensively about what cancer is and how you can treat cancer with the Oil-Protein Diet in almost all her books and articles. For more than 50 years, cancer dictated her life. And likewise almost all our conversations were on the subject of cancer. If Armin Grunewald now insists that there is no healing effect proven regarding the Oil-Protein Diet in cancer patients, what would that mean? That 50 years of Dr Budwig’s work were entirely useless? Unsuccessful? Without any effect or what were they actually?

The complete report you can find in the book:

The great cookbook and textbook of the Oil-Protein Diet