Do I need ELDI oils?


If you have never worked with ELDI-wraps as a patient or as a doctor, you probably cannot imagine their effects. How is such a thing to work and, above all, what effect should it have? First of all, the local increased energy consumption. Depending on how big this is, is also the effect of the coil. By the way, cancer treatment is not just about supplying the cancer cells with oxygen, but it is also about supplying energy to the transient cells in order to increase cell communication. This was also Dr Budwig’s idea of breast irradiation with a ruby laser. It was never about destroying cancer cells with the laser, but it was about an increased communication ability of the surrounding cells. So similar to a fever reaction. Our cells are able to communicate faster and better and thus act catalytically in a way that they would never be able to do without a fever. For this reason, Dr Budwig also irradiated the surrounding tissue with the laser and not the tumor. ELDI oils have exactly the same goal. They simply bring ADDITIONAL energy into our body, which is readily available and can be easily absorbed by all cells.

Dr Budwig and I planned 1999 to write more about these oils in a new release of the Oil-Protein Diet book. Unfortunately, her illness intervened, so it never came to publishing new recipes or new ELDI oils. However, as I own the original ELDI-Ol recipes and I also know the principle and applications, there will be more information about these in the future. I even already started this, because the company Sensei ( is the only one in the world who is producing meanwhile organic ELDI oils.