Are there other experts of the Oil-Protein Diet?


We know Dr. Budwig just had two official students. One is her nephew Armin Grunewald and the other Lothar Hirneise. However, Mr. Grunewald has taken a complete different view about the oil protein diet. Which is not in accordance with what Dr. Budwig taught.

Then there are many people who really follow the words of Dr. Budwig. A very nice page f.e. is of the American Ulla Schmid. She has the big advantage that she also speaks fluent German and could read the Original books / articles of Dr. Budwig.

Unfortunately there are quite more “not so nice” examples of self-proclaimed experts. F.e. the DVD / book: “A day in the Budwig diet” by a Brazilian living in America named Ursula Escher and should be an instructional video on the Oil-Protein Diet. But unfortunately it contains many errors (false statements about kefir, yogurt, sunlight, success rates, whey protein etc.) and is a prime example that although perhaps someone wanted to do something good, because of lack of knowledge, causes more harm than anything.

Or in 2015, a man named Lloyd Jenkins contacted me. He is the owner of „A Spanish Budwig Center“. In the mail, he asked me what quark he should use for his patients. Just imagine someone has a clinic in which he allegedly was supposed to treat patients according to Dr Budwig and doesn’t know what quark he should use. If he knew the principles of the Oil-Protein Diet, he could answer the question himself. And when you go to the website and see which supplements this alleged “Budwig clinic” combines with the Oil-Protein Diet, you can see that Mr. Jenkins is for sure not practicing the original Oil-Protein Diet.

Another, sad example, is the website by Sandra Olsen. Mrs. Olsen has been promoting the Oil-Protein Diet in the USA for many years in a great committed way. Unfortunately, the videos are full of misinformations. Because she learned the Oil-Protein Diet just from reading 2-3 books she is making so many mistakes f.e. already her explanation of the breakfast is totally wrong.

Just google Oil-Protein Diet and you find more pages like Yahoo flaxseedoil2 group, which is one of the largest group discussing the Oil-Protein Diet. Unfortunalely full with terrible advices especially for cancer patients regarding the Budwig Protocol. Or you find Gene Wei is the (co) author of the “A Day in the Budwig Diet” and is offering „his Whatever Protocol“ as Original Budwig Protocol. Or promotes a mixture of Budwig Protocol and a vitamin powder called Cellect which can´t work with the Original Budwig
Protocol or …. many, many more.

However, a Spanish doctor named Dr. Raymond Hilu is „my very favorite“. He is claiming that he is “the only intellectual heir of Dr Budwig”. He even wrote a book about the Oil-Protein Diet and in this book he uses olive oil instead of flaxseed oil !!! Anyone who knows just a bit, knows that Dr Budwig was anything other than a friend of olive oil.

All these people have never personally met Dr Budwig or have done so just for a few hours. There are many such examples, mainly from Europe, Poland, Spain and the United States. These examples here, represent many “Oil-Protein Diet experts”, which some might even think they are good in some cases, but in reality, are only harmful. After all, what’s happening with such disastrous recommendations? It works poorly or not, and at the end, patients would say that the Oil-Protein Diet would not work or was just not a good nutrition therapy. In addition, many sick people put great hope in the Oil-Protein Diet mostly because they are cancer patients, and then from greed, ignorance or simple unreasonableness, the Oil-Protein Diet gets recommended, but Dr Budwig has nothing to do with it. I can only encourage you to please check the original literature from Dr Budwig, and please adhere to what is there. And when someone claims to be an “Oil-Protein Diet expert”, then ask him please, from whom he has learned about the Oil-Protein Diet.

And yes, of course, I understand that I make more enemies than friends if I speak about all this “experts” – but what shall I do? I have communicated with people like Ursula Escher, Dr. Gene Wei or Sandra Olsen. But if you have claimed and represented something for years and then it is pointed out that this is possibly „not perfect / not correct“ – consider yourself how you would react? Normally one tries to attack the other! And that’s exactly what happened to me. When I tried to make the people aware that their protocol is “not perfect”, I was personally attacked every time, insulted and they wrote to me I would know nothing about the Oil-Protein Diet!

The alternative for me would be to do nothing and keep silent forever. Unfortunately, for many years, I have observed how other people have destroyed Dr Budwig’s work. I know I should have intervened much earlier, but unfortunately there were other priorities in my life.

But now, how Armold would say, „I am back“ and I promise you I will not just watch in the future. And by the way, Dr Budwig was here a great teacher, too. Her whole life did she fight for her conviction and I could learn from her that it is ok to have some enemies.