How do I promote Dr Budwig’s legacy?


Since 1999 I have been the only teacher of the Oil-Protein Diet, who has given lectures and offered training throughout Germany and worldwide. In addition, since 2006 I have been advising the only international center (  and, in which the Oil-Protein Diet is used as a nutritional therapy for cancer patients. Also, I have had far more than 10,000 interviews / calls in the last 20 years with mostly final cancer patients, to help them today, as we do at Krebs21 ( or in the 3E-center. And how extraordinarily successful this makes our 3E-Team, you can read in our study from 2010 (
Together with several other people from European and Asian countries, I also co-founded the IOPDF (International Oil-Protein Diet Foundation) in 2012 and I sit there on the Board. The aim of the foundation is to train and pass on the original Oil-Protein Diet, as I was able to learn from Dr Budwig. For this purpose we have developed a curriculum and provide training as Oil-Protein Diet counselors since autumn 2013 (more info at We have also initiated programs for different countries for people with low financial possibilities to get better access to products that are necessary for the Oil-Protein Diet. For more information about IOPDF please go to: