Did Dr. Budwig teaches different Oil-Protein Diets?


Of course not. But Dr. Budwig wrote more than 100 books and articles and she did not always “start the whole story” from the beginning. She also always thought that everybody knew her books or at least her book: Oil-Protein Diet. And so it happened that in some books she did not describe again everything in detail. For example, in 1952 she wrote in her book Oil-Protein Diet about how to make the breakfast muesli: In a blender, first a cup of MILK, a cup of flax oil (about 150 g) and a tablespoon of honey are mixed briefly. The quark is then gradually added, with continuous stirring, until a nearly homogeneous mass has formed. This was and is the Original recipe until today and also published in that way in other books from her.

In 1959, however, she wrote in her book: Fette als wahre Hilfe – later translated as: Flax Oil As a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases following sentences: When you mix together quark or cottage cheese and flaxseed oil in your blender, the fat becomes water soluble.” This book with only 60 pages was translated into English and many people who ONLY read this book now thought that would be the Original recipe – and still believe this until oday. They always argue that Dr. Budwig wrote this, without knowing the other more detailed descriptions or to understand that it is simply because Dr. Budwig did not write in every book everything again and again in details.

This is f.e. the explanation why especially in English-speaking countries quite often you can find the “FOCC Budwig muesli” which means many people are saying just mix flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and you have a Budwig breakfast muesli. But unfortunately this is totally wrong and and it will not work that way.